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March 18, 2007


coach purses

Believe in the goodness of others and remember that anger and depression can be countered by love and hope.


This article gives information relating to the health education institutions and natural health also. It also gives details about recruiting the moderate GOP members to switch parties could be the healthiest thing in recent political history.


Unfortunately, the be WHO you are theory doesn't work in Idaho. Look at the State Controller; Idahoans elected a woman with a GED over a woman with an MBA and financial experience, just because of party affiliation. Twilegar was not noticbley partisan on any issue, but the R got the nod, just because of the R by her name on the ballot.

The be who you are solution would only result in an even more conservative legislature.

Toni Denney

Dennis, I must agree...be WHO you are. The GOP has a party platform, if you don't agree with it and don't vote with it - go find a party you can agree with! A two party system would be a great thing. We barely have that now. Not to think them incapable, the Ds do have a plan. They are trying to make the current conservatives appear as lunatics so that come the next election they will be ousted and replaced with moderates or Ds in Rs clothing (as I like to put it) to get elected. JUST BE WHO YOU ARE PEOPLE! That will sooner get you elected than the D or the R. We want people we can trust who are honest about their belief system. Many legislators are currently feeling like victims, not because they are being treated as such, but because they choose to live as victims. I'd guess their personal life is similar. Please say a special prayer for them tonight that they can see the value of the process they are going through and learn from it and move forward.


No doubt that many moderate Rs would be comfortable in the D party. Newcomb switched so he could get elected, and probably that's why many choose to run as an R. However, your closing statement - either sign up or sign out - sort of sounds like "let the purge begin." Say it ain't so.

Adam Graham

Democrats are not welcoming to moderates. Branden Durst has faced some extremely intolerant reactions to his pro-life reaction. Quite frankly, the nuts in the North End and Blaine County make switching sides close to unthinkable.

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