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July 23, 2008



I laughed when I read your analysis of my politcal "punditry".

I guess you are correct! (I can kinda remember when I thought this other candidate for the same seat - during the 2000 Primary - was gonna beat Lt. Gov. Butch Otter...I sucked on that one, too. Google it and find out who...)


WOW!!!! you were wrong about that one. Are you some local political pundit or something? If you are you suck.


Disregard last re: no campaign spokesman; I just read in a Statesman article that Wayne Hoffman does do both jobs. When I've commuicated with Wayne, he's always been very conscientious about keeping his government role separate from the campaign, so I assume he'll be able to continue.


Wow... a whole post about national organization media buys in a CD-1 election that doesn't once mention "Club For Growth". C'mon, Dennis, it was only two years ago; have you honestly forgotten already? Or were the CFG media buys OK because they were supporting your candidate?

I still hold that Congressman Sali, deep down, doesn't really have his heart in this race. It's July, and he doesn't even have a campaign spokesperson. (No, his Congressional spokesperson doesn't count -- can't use a government employee for the campaign without coming really close to legal and ethical lines.)

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