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October 18, 2008



Weak argument,at best, Nicholas. Granted, you don't like Mark Steyn's perspective...yet you don't site the devastating quote you use. If his words are truly those, then site the source and let others know. Quotes mean nothing, if you fail to anchor them.

But that's just me....

Nicolas Krebs

"Please respond"

What could I respond to Mark "Europeans are worse than cockroaches" Steyn's European-bashing? That his implicit assertions about Europeans suiciding themself, leftism being an illness, Europeans being communists, are evidence-less?

Dennis Mansfield

I was hoping for a bit deeper discussion/debate than what you have offered here. Your brief dismissive comment still leaves me wondering what YOU believe re the content of the piece. Ad hominum arguments are the weakest form of debate. Please respond ...Den

Nicolas Krebs

"That's his perspective. What's yours?" (Dennis Mansfield)

In my opinion Mark Steyn is a liar, a moron and an Europeans-hater.


It is concerning that the focus is not on the hate mongering and threats of Muslims in response to anti-Islamic rhetoric but rather on assuaging the ruffled feathers of the Muslims. And the reason that Christians do not sue or otherwise react to "offenses" to our religious beliefs is because we have been taught not to take offense and that the reaction when offense is taken is not to murder the offender. A tad bit of an over-reaction in my book. See, Christians believe in freedom for all. Freedom of choice to listen to His tenets or not is what God Himself gave us. To deprive anyone of that is to override what God intended (not that in many cases we seem to think we can improve on His model anyway, and look where that has gotten us.) This trend indicates the direction of the world and to me it is very disturbing. American Christians have not taken freedom away from others, merely asked that freedoms be given equally and laws obeyed equally by all, without concessions. If I'm way off base here, please let me know.

Dennis Mansfield

The issue, however, is Western Europe...and his point still stands, I think, about the lack of discernment by European governments regarding the inherent (and real) problems of being liberal in your acceptance of all movements, when one of those movements could (not would)consider the centruries of European progress as anathema and thus impact public policy from an Eastern and Islamic perspective....That's his perspective. What's yours?

Nicolas Krebs

"Muslims still comprise less than ten percent of Europe’s population"


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