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November 24, 2008


New York Drug Rehab

Many youngsters are unable to acquire care and love from their parents. Adolescents turn out to be seditious and abnormal by behavior because of unawareness of guardians. Foster care program is provided to these teenagers. A variety of encouraging events and camps are organized for youngster such as Indoor and outdoor activities, which are part exclusive part of drug addiction treatment in New York center for troubled teens and youths.

Substance addictions

Substance addictions are a situation at which person makes himself a slave. Because compulsion reaches, a process where it is sandwiched between the person and his substance and which afterward removes the self-sufficiency and the liberty of the person. If you want to more information about the substance addiction so you just visit the web site.



Dennis I agree with you that people need help for their addictions.

You point out, "What if it was you that had 2-3 DUI's under your belt?"

What if it was you that had a family member severely injured, or even killed, by someone that "only had" 2-3 DUI's under their belt?

One DUI is one DUI too many, that should be your wake up call before you even get to the 2-3 (or 19) stage to go get some help.

19 DUI's!!!

That is 19 lives that could have been lost by this person. That's not even counting the times that they drove drunk without getting caught!

I know you have a huge heart but there has to be some accountability. I don't believe in locking them up, but I do believe that letting them get to the point where they have 19 DUI's without getting them any help is a shame on us as a society.



I can see that locking up a person with a problem who has 1 dui may not be the best solution, but someone who has multiple dui's??? Come'on I want that person off the street, not driving, not anywhere near a car. People kill people, drunk people driving kill more.

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