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February 16, 2009


Dennis Mansfield


Google it, research it, go after it. Each state has a different list of "to dos" that a person has to follow.

He CAN apply to New Hope by either of you calling 208-672-9200

The best is yet to come, believe me.
Dennis Mansfield


I live in the Chicago Illinois area, and my boyfriend has a background as far as 12 years on his record. He's applied to numerous places, but has not had any luck, how can i find out about the second chance law in Illinois? He also is on parole until 2012.

Dennis Mansfield

I posted an Associated Press article in this spot. We are in Boise, not Cincinnati. My suggestion is that you Google your question regarding that city and follow up that way.

I'm not sure what you meant by your last sentence.

I've now spent years helping men and women change their lives, assisting them in obtaining jobs and helping the public NOT have to continue to pay for continued incarceration. How is that setting up individuals and the community for failure? Please clarify for me, ok?


My boyfriend is a hardworking and sincere man, who is a ex-convict. He served two year sentence over seven years ago for a non-violent drug charges. He is no longer the man that was capable of doing such a crime.He has tons of interviews. But because of his record his resume goes in the trash.. He is unable to find a job in Cincinnati to save his life. He is truly qualified, he has 20 years experience in Restaurant management and he has a Bachelors in Marketing. All his skills are useless because he has this record. Can you tell me the Cincinnati program that helped you land a job. What are the alternatives to those, who are trying to do the right thing. You are setting up these individuals as well as the community for failure..


Google it, call your US Senator(s) and call Health and Welfare at your state capitol.



I would like more information on the 2nd chance act-i live in Kansas
and would like to further my education but need assistance. thanks

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