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April 27, 2009


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Thanks, Adam.
Individual candidates can do as they please. My point is that the people of Idaho are sick to death of on-going political party activism that undercuts the need to have good and healthy government. We are either a country that governs itself...or we are a group of political hack-parties which live to see others (of the opposing party)fail.

My call is that we need to succeed as a nation. There is no monopoly on truth when it comes to political party policies, is there?

Adam Graham

Both Larry Grant and Walt Minnick were criticizing Bill Sali back in January, 2007 and fronting themselves as candidates for Congress, along with Rand Lewis.

Lee Gaupp

Fair enough - they need to sell papers and maybe the article will help them. The article was well written, I guess I question the title of the article more than the content.

For me it boils down that I find myself between a "r" and a "bluedog" and I'm happy with Walt.


Thanks, Lee, for your input.

Don't be too harsh on the Statesman, though. Erika Bolstad is an amazing reporter in DC. I have a great deal of respect for, my call is that the story DOES have a big impact back there...and should have an even bigger impact out here. Hence the front page.


Lee Gaupp

Just my 2 cents - I've seen what Walt has done and I've liked so far what he's done. I'm a little r, but I don't consider myself a rino as many of the conservative folk would like to say. I think Walt has done a good job so far and I'm waiting to see more. Time will tell and I'll be looking more closely in the future. I chuckle when some of the bluegirl types moan how they are not happy with Walt - makes me think Walt is a good match for our district and the majority of people in our district.

I question the Statesman posting a frontpage article that, in my opinion, just stirs things up.

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