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November 24, 2009


Dennis Mansfield

Laura, How gracious of you to read and use my blog info. The reality of life and death has been about us for many years....yet it wasn't until this year when my son, Nate, died that I REALLY began to see myself as having ownership in two realities...here and eternity, at the same time.

That's been a history lesson for me to learn, too.

Thanks for visiting.

Laura LaHaug

Wow! This is cool in so many ways! That you're actually descended from Mayflower Pilgrims... That two of them were named Patience and Thankful... That you included a history lesson regarding the first Thanksgiving! I for one needed that lesson - my daughter asked me this morning when the first Thanksgiving was and I didn't even know the answer. (I hate to have to admit that.) Thank you! May your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.
~Laura LaHaug

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