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May 06, 2010


Francie Bush

We say leave it Den! Meggy and I got a big laugh!

Dennis Mansfield

Ann Coulter is INDEED a man...baby! (I can just HEAR Austin Powers's voice).

I find her irritating and arrogant.

But then again, I'm just looking on the inside! ha!!

Dennis Mansfield

C'mon Tom... look how terribly bad these folks have made the Dems look.

My request was to see if the D's had some good Medusa shots of the Rs.

Chuckle, Tom....c'mon it's been good for my health this past very sad year - it can be good for others, too.

Life just ain't that serious, is it?

Chad Estes

Ann Coulter is a man, baby!

Tom von Alten

Making fun of people's looks? Really?

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