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August 22, 2010


Dennis Mansfield

Thanks, Chad, for visiting and posting your thoughts!

Chad Estes


I'm not sure that Ted is trying for a comeback. I don't think his current community of believers looks anything like his megachurch. I believe he is moving in a much different direction these days.


Thanks for sharing the article. Good stuff.

Laura LaHaug

I watched an interview of Ted and Gayle Haggard, I think they were on Oprah, and I was very impressed. The change seemed genuine. He mentioned that his kids now see him as real and fallible (my memory, not a quote) and that was a very good thing. I do believe God has changed him. Having said that, I personally think it is problematic when famous Christians fall in such a huge way and then try to regain their former position, whether they be preachers or musicians. To me when they try to make a "comeback" it feels like they are really more interested in the limelight than in serving God. Just my opinion...

Dennis Mansfield

Thanks, Justin. You are avery kind friend and a man who is very real about life.
It was good sharing time with you on Sunday.

Justin Boggs

As one who has known you casually for some time I can say that everything I like about about you now I liked about you before. It's just that now some of the dull stuff has been knocked off your best shines through. (I hope that doesn't sound presumptuous)

I Pray this is also the case for Ted. Talent and arrogance can be very destructive, but talent and humility can bring great change.

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