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January 07, 2012


Dennis Mansfield

Your perception is quite dark.

How long have you been in the elective process? I'm interested in what has caused you to see the process as "sinister".

Fill me in, ok?



.i am a ron paul supporter .first straw poll, hmm .these straw polls can have sinister consequences .it provides intelligence for establishment candidates to design their approach with the voters to beat the natural and intuitive preferred candidate .two it alerts the corrupting influence of pay to play money donors to politicians to decide how much is needed to buy the election .three it starts the secret backroom deals among the state bosses on how to set up a process to rig the election results to favor their establishment candidate .so the pseudo excitement of the news is only that a pseudo act that masks the sinister process that kicks after .polls are having a corruption and debilitating effect on democracy since they become resources to the manufactured bought up news media to design what to do and how to instigate a plan to defeat the non-establishment candidate

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