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February 22, 2012


Dennis Mansfield

You are very accurate (as well as kind) in your evaluation of John's performance as an elected official. He was appreciated by many people in Canyon County. At the Capitol, many legislative advocates found his wit and humor to be a rare change of pace from the often very "dusty" behaviors of older, less interesting legislators.

That's why he moved ahead so quickly, I believe.

The error is when any/all of us depend on our assets too often - and they eventually become our liabilities. That's the lesson I personally take away from John McGee's free-fall from grace.


stuart davis

The weakness of the human thought process, is for us to quickly judge Mr. McGee with harshness. And perhaps he does deserve this and more. It is not disputed that he brought shame and sadness upon the Legislative process. However, when you judge him, you must not forget the good things that he did for this State. He fought hard for the I84 interstate projects. He was tireless in his support of transportation issues. He was an open, and approachable Senator. His word was good, and any commitment he ever made to me was honored. He spent 8 years in the Idaho Legislature toiling away for all kinds of causes. I do not, in any way condone his behavior or his actions. But John McGee was a hell of a good Senator, and a decent man. I am going to miss his wit and intellect .

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