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February 07, 2012


Dennis Mansfield

Thanks for asking. My wife and I began a spiritual search two years after we were married. We looked for God in many venues, though with s single focused reason: to know Him personally. I "knew about the Lord", I simply did not "know" him. The Lord was gracious to us and embraced us through the Gospel of St. John Chapter 3. My "second birth" that Jesus said was a must, did indeed happen for both of us.

We felt more comfortable, based on Jesus' discussion with Nicodemus in that chapter, with NOT seeking eternity through "a faith/denomination", but rather seeking eternity through "our faith in Him". So, today, we are followers of Jesus, tied to him via a strong and meaningful relationship, in which he saved our individual souls.

Does that help?


Why did you leave the church, Mr. Mansfield? Great article. Just curious about your no longer being Catholic. Thank you.


Washington needs to stay out of my life and how I chose to live it...SO sick of this shit

Herb Huseland

I am not Catholic either, but agree one hundred percent.The fact is that Obama isn't senitive to any religious group including his own, if he has one. This guy would love to be a Czar.

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