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June 14, 2012


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Why Bryan Fischer's Divisive Politics Don't Work - "Bully Pulpit" in The New Yorker.:


Lapsed Catholic

I heard the bully pulpit piece discussed on NPR. That's a scary dude (and there are so many others out there). I think if he'd turned up at my son's funeral after what transpired, I would have welcomed him up to the front of the congregation and then kicked him square in the cojones. What a tool.

Watch "Religulous"

And let's keep church and state way way WAY separate.

Jim Ramsey

I have a real question.

In our church, we have a certain number of Elders that are currently serving.

However, once you are an Elder you remain an Elder even if you are not currently serving. This applies to simple things like serving during Sunday services -- suppose the regularly scheduled Elder is not available. It also includes more serious times -- like when a serving Elder needs someone to talk to in confidence.

Is this not the practice in your church?


Well said,sir.


Den, great piece. I still had to look and remind myself that you were actually the author...I applaud you for the stance on Mr. Fischer.

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