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September 21, 2012


Stuart Davis

Den, the problem is you can't just re-invent the candidate. He is who he is, so no matter what the spin, you still have to work with the clay you are given. You and I have had this discussion for two years, and I have maintained that you could never elect Mitt Romney to the position of President of the United States. My reasons:

A) You don't get to be governor of one of the most left leaning states in the country by being a conservative. You tell people you are pro choice, pro gay marriage, and want universal health care.

B) If you sliced the American electorate down for a microscope slide, you would find that 15% of the voting block will vote for a Republican no matter what. If Jesus Christ himself ran as a Democrat, these people will still vote against him. Conversely, if Jefferson ran as a Republican the Democrat would never vote for him. 13 - 18% lean Republican, or Democrat. That leaves the rest of us shmos who vote for a candidate regardless of the party alleviation. We are the Moderates, or middle of the road, and we are the juiciest targets for getting our vote. with that in mind…

C) I can imagine in my mind the President of the United States, prior to his election, out at the local store picking up milk. I can seem him as one of the guys down at the bar, smoking a cig, and playing pool, and talking about his mortgage and his property tax rates. He might even complain about aging to put new brakes on the family minivan. Romney has probably never bought a gallon of milk in his life. It is pretty clear he has no mortgages, and I doubt he even knows how many cars he owns…how do I relate to this man? Yea, he took a small inherited fortune and turned it into a huge one. But where do Mitt and I share any common ground, other than his support for Israel. I would stand and celebrate the success of Mitt Romney, and I do not beguile him for that. What I do detest, is someone that changes core values, core beliefs, just for the sake of a vote, and then try and tell me he is one of me…

That is what you have to turn around, and I don't see how you can do it. From a religious perspective, I would love to see Mitt Romney elected. Mormons have been very kind to Jews (with the exception of the baptizing for the dead agreement.) It is clear that he would tear the country apart to rebuild it, but I guess the bottom line is I want someone in the White House that I could run into at Costco. I want someone who could work with me on issues, and not look down on me. I want an honest, hardworking fiscally conservative candidate. I also want someone that I would be honored to call a friend. I guess I want Jim Risch to be cloned.

You can't revers trends in politics, you can only slow them down and push them another way. We both know that. I could be wrong, and probably am, but the way I see it, if Romney looses Florida, like the polls are now indicating, the party is over.

Then we can run Jim Risch in 2016.

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