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October 22, 2012


Scott F. Guinn (Yes, that is my real name)

I've never quite understood why people feel the need to post (anonymously) insults on blogs where they disagree with the author. As YofiSh said, millions saw the debate, and Dennis Mansfield is NOT the end all source of information--nor does he claim to be. There are thousands of blogs out there with opposing views; you're not going to agree with all of them. What is gained by this sort of behavior? And at least have the guts to post your insulting, snarking comments under your real name. Internet "tough guys" like this are helping no one, not even themselves.

FWIW, I think Romney hurt himself. He was already gaining support from women. The women who were going to vote Obama will still vote Obama. IMO, Romney should not worry about left-leaning voters, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. I think he would have been far better served by going after the president on his RECORD. I think he hurt himself with this debate. He could have increased his momentum, but instead he may have stalled it.


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Stuart Davis

I find it interesting that when a person whom has the respect of his peers, like Dennis does, posts a topic like this, that readers don't afford him the respect he deserves. Yes you can disagree with him, but calling him a moron, and calling him a liar, simply exposes you for what you are.


Wow! M and Yofish; you both had well constructed arguments. Not. You are both just like Obama last night, name-calling but offering no examples of why Romney was wrong.

Dennis Mansfield

Thanks, YofiSh. Your comment will stay up. I'd like to know which part of the transcript you are talking about. Please elaborate. Den

Dennis Mansfield

M- thanks for visiting. Nice thoughtful discussion. Dennis


This blog is written by a moron.


Read the transcript. Romney refuted himself. In the same debate. Nice quote edit. Very misinformation of you. You do realize MILLIONS of people saw it, don't you? You are NOT the end all source of information for anyone, so you gain nothing with your lie.

Lets see if this comment stay up.

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