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December 17, 2012


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Bryan Fischer, Mike Huckabee and Geraldo Rivera on the Sandy Hook massacre: The pain of easy answers vs. the healing of simple solutions:



I don't have the need, or a position that calls for any sort of response, and so I can't take any special credit for being measured and judicious in what I've publicly said in response to the Newtown shooting. My sense is that the less said about intemperate and/or silly comments made under duress (whether externally or internally generated), the better. I could not possibly have less respect for Bryan Fischer than I do already. I had some positive sense of Mike Huckabee, but when I see him in the news, it almost always erodes that.

People who presume to explain the mind of G-d for actions taken or not taken can do nothing but embarrass themselves. G-d is not mocked.

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