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December 18, 2012


Dennis Mansfield

Dude, you lost...again. There's no harm in that fact. I chuckled when I read your comments. You're probably right. My experience in a legislative loss may not be what yours is; and i stand ready to be corrected at any time - by you or anyone else. But it just might help you to Google "this blogger". Thanks for running for office. It's hard to run and lose, so don't let your personal sadness detract from the truth that the people of Idaho are not easily hoodwinked.

Steve Berch

At least this blogger admits he doesn't know what he's talking about.

"I'm not familiar with Mr. Patterson's stories . ."

"I don't know Mr. Berch's attack point . . "

"I don't know either candiate personally . . ."

But why bother to learn the facts about people and the issues before forming opinions when you can simply reach back to one's grade school days and simply call people names. How mature.


It's a cute little theme for you, and I agree that Berch needs to focus his efforts on the next campaign rather than the last one, but you're pretty quick to dismiss Mr. Patterson's "issues" with misrepresenting himself. Was it all Lucas Baumbach's malfeasance, or was the campaign as a whole lacking in honesty, integrity and adult supervision?

Patterson can make all the questions go away if he does a good job. But I'm getting tired of our state's legislature being amateur hour all the time.

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