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December 26, 2012


Dennis Mansfield

Thanks, Tony for the link. My guess is that the blog's readers will take advantage of it.

What a film! What a book! What a Savior!

Tony Whittaker

Thanks so much for your insights. I believe that this film represents a major opportunity for us to start conversations with outsiders, and I've tried to draw together some helpful resources on the Digital Evangelism Issues blog: http://ieday.net/blog/archives/9802

Incidentally, as well as reading the entire book online, you can access Cliff's Study Notes on the book.

Dennis Mansfield

I agree. I think it would stretch your thinking too much. Better to be secure in your belief than to have it challenged and questioned, as mine was so long ago. Your self-title may indeed be as a "rationalist", but in the end, when each of our last breaths are drawn,there will be no rationalizing. If you ventured into the flicks, the reflected image in the celluloid "mirror" may be too costly... it sure was for me. My logical sense was challenged to become theo-logical. You don't need to feed that part of you. It'll only cause you problems...good problems, but problems nonetheless.


So it's like going to church? Guess I'll take a pass on this flick then, being a rationalist and all.

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