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December 13, 2012



i am trying to say its not a big deal rg3 is not a big fan of all black culture and he is a cornball if he was he would not be dating a white woman that what espn reporter was only saying we never know if he can take it some time good things can hurt that a fact if this is helping no but its not the reporter job he is a entertiner his job its to be shocking he works for espn its not black and white as you put it some time every thing hurts and that a fact i guest how you handle it that what matter

Dennis Mansfield

Oilskin - Wow, I think I get what you are saying, but not really. Your punctuation and grammar problems leave me wondering where one thought/sentence ends and another begins, so I'm really sort of guessing...

I suppose my question to you is this: to succeed in America doesn't it take a whole lot more than the color of your skin or who you date or having another person attempting to tell you what you are or are not?

I honor you and respect you for trying to express yourself - and I suppose I could have attacked your deficiencies in writing, but I decided not to. At least you are trying to get your thoughts out to folks like me. And I am trying to understand what you are saying.

And at least RG III is doing the best he can with what he has and how he was raised. Why not just leave him alone and concentrate your energies in improving your life, your skills and your future?

Where am I missing it?


he is right rg 3 is a cornball brother not from the hood any more he turn white on the inside nothing wrong with it he is not a brother anymore and espn guy was right he just anwser the queston right but was not polictical correct right it was not racism the espn story was about rg 3 african american high stat and stat show he is cornball brother since he has a white woman real brother from the hood do not like white woman if a brother change you are a cornball brother that a fact you can not change the facts i am black guy not from the usa i know these thinks i am black guy not culture black=cornball brother no white woman thou probly not for the future but who knows the future big fan of human girl i guest i am real cornball brother i have no problem with that because its a fact i am cornball brother sister chaser the other blackguy espn reporter call dc black city espn let him off the hook and that was worse

Dennis Mansfield

Jan, That is great to hear. Suspension has a quality of mercy that firing does not have. My hope is that the standards ESPN places on such a grievous series of comments (as it applies to this infraction) will both help others (of any ethnicity) to realize that they are on TV and people are WATCHING them - so act like it AND the action by ESPN has the proper balance of reaction and response by the network.

Janet Kaiser

Rob Parker was suspended after his rant on ESPN. Not sure if he'll be back, but RGIII is being very gracious with his responses... a gentleman, in fact. Rob Parker could learn alot from RGIII if he just opened his mind, closed his mouth and listened...

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