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January 06, 2013



Seems like a ton of scurrilous innuendo to me, which you're happy to republish from ICB, rather than simply link to the original?

Very strange. John Miller has a long history of work in journalism. ICB? He and his pal Lou Esposito, and the guy Patterson blamed for all the mistakes, Lucas Baumbach are the hacks in this story. ICB, and you give Patterson a ton of benefit of the doubt, and none to the other people in this story.

Personally, I take particular offense at the "engineer" schtick, having done the hard work to study and get a degree in the field, and to work in it for 20 years. Someone wanting to claim a title based on experience does not sit well at all. Were it more than a casual bit of resume padding, it would be a serious--and legal--matter.

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