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February 12, 2013


Collin Lapp

This is just a thought I had about the article that you posted about the "Godless Church". I think that the key thing that they are missing, and honestly a lot of regular churches are missing, is that we as christians and together as a community, called a church, are supposed to help people. Gathering and singing together and having a sense of community is great but the true meaning of church is a group of people coming together to spread the love of God to the people in greater numbers. We as a church need to help people that are suffering not stand in a building for 2 hours a week and hear someone talk at us and sing some songs. Jesus didn't come to start churches he came to love people and save them. so then why should we get upset about them coming together and singing songs when they are really missing the true meaning of church. Maybe the reason we get upset is because they are exposing how we ignore the call that God has for His church.


As an atheist, I totally understand why they have created this "church" and why it is wildly popular. The article nails it with this: "The church’s founders believe that they have tapped into something that has gone unsatisfied for quite some time in the non-theist community: The urge for a sense of togetherness." While we have historically experienced mostly societal exclusion, this type of gathering helps to transcend that.

Joe Jaszewski

Makes a lot of sense, Dennis. One of the things I miss the most about being part of the Catholic community is just that, the sense of community. As an atheist, I've often wished I could experience that feeling of communal experience every Sunday but without having to pretend that I am a believer. I wish there was something like this in Boise.

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