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March 21, 2013



We too heard your story on Family Life. We went online to catch part 1. I had my husband listen with me. We both sobbed as our story so closely resembled many parts of it. Our beautiful first born son has also been pulled into a life of addiction and all the legal, financial, and relational problems that go along with it. It really is a club no parent wants to be in. We so closely identified with the many things you said.

I think the hard part is, as parents, once you seem to finally accept the truth and somehow deal with rollercoaster lifestyle they through at you, we still need to find a way to give God glory and honor in circumstances that most judge and few understand. We struggle to give love unconditionally to our son when the truth is the pain is still so raw, the disappointment of what has happened still there. We really haven't given up hope that God has a plan, but we are weary in the battle and often feel defeated. Thanks for sharing. We are going to get your book.

Kimberly Nyborg

Thank you Dennis for your program on Family Life Today! There are many things that you went through that my husband and I have gone through with our youngest son. He is still "out there" but I am believing in a miracle as I believe you had for your Nate. For my husband it is harder to see that God doesn't grade sin and forgiveness is difficult for him. I have allowed God to use him (my prodigal) to much work in me, interesting how that works, and He sure has. But the unconditional love has been the most difficult! Here is a blog post that I wrote some time back on loving our prodigals, http://verticalconnection.blogspot.com/2010/08/are-you-parent-of-prodigal.html

Thank you again for even confirming some things that we too did like not letting our son come home after being discharged from a locked treatment facility. The tough love is so hard for a wounded mom in a second marriage.

Blessings and I am sure you will hear much from this airing!

Kimberly Nyborg


I am so sorry for what you are going through with your son, Alex. I really am. I think that reading Beautiful Nate may give you as great an insight about yourself as it will give you about your son. Please keep me in the loop on your next series of steps. Know this: God loves Alex so much and He will do with your son as he pleases. Even Alex will not be able to push back on the God who loves him. Rest in that truth. Walk in it and if need be, weep in it. Do stay in touch, ok? Den

Christine  Cline

heard your story this morning on Family Life and sobbed as I am going through this with Alex my 25 year old son. I have resigned myself that this may happen to him and I do get comfort from Job as well. Thank you for your story, there are indeed, so many of us who love an addict, unfortunately it's a great big family (I have met in AL-ANON and CR) of parents, some great parents some not great (like me),,heroin shows no partiality. Whoever reads this pray for Alex. May God get the glory when His children get through the pain.


Jan, I had never noticed that before. Thanks for pointing it out. I've known John since 1990 and never really connected those dots, due to their size difference. Nate was about 8 inches taller than John, but just seeing the facial features, I do see what you mean. That's wild. - Den


Den, it's amazing how much John Eldredge resembles what Nate might have looked like a little down the road. Do you see the comparison at all??? Comforting in some ways actually....

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