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April 28, 2013



Thanks for highlighting this difficult story, Dennis. I was struck by the black market price of OxyContin, which would make that bottle in the illustration worth $1,000. That kind of economic incentive will do even stranger things to peoples' minds than the drug, maybe.

And this was striking:
Supervisory Special Agent Tom Lenox of the DEA's San Diego's office says he, too, has seen teens progress from popping pills to smoking heroin. "It's unbelievable that we're talking about this stuff with teenagers," he said.

What seems unbelievable to me is that someone high up in the DEA thinks that illegal drugs would be a problem for grown-ups and not children. I think the problem is PRECISELY with children and youth, who are curious, ignorant of consequences, and susceptible to influence by others. All these years into this so-called war on drugs, and the most basic reality comes as a surprise to the enforcers?

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