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April 09, 2014


Lynda Wilkinson

I would like to buy his music. Is there any way I can buy any of Father Ry Kelley's CD's?

TJ Jameson

I would do about anything to have Father Ray Kelly sing Hallelujah at my wedding next year. How can I make that happen ?

Inger Österberg

Was quite amazed of the ceremony itself, Father Kelly's performance with such a beautiful voice and such fantastic twinkling eyes. Wished I could have been married to my husband more than 49 years ago by someone such as him.
Would it be possible for you to ask him to contact me, whenever, at my address below ?
Inger Österberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Chad Estes

Dennis, thank you so much for sharing this. So precious!

Dennis Mansfield

Thanks, Jean - what a tremendous video this is. It IS remarkable. Feel free to share it with many others. -- Den



Thank you for sharing this. I have to pass this on.

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